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Pinky Pogo, rather Kimmy Spicer, is an American Artist who has flourished in the Pokemon Community with her kind & humorous disposition. Kimmy has collected Pokemon Cards for several years and recently turned her focus to sharing her collection in very recognizable ways. The use of glitter and color can not be ignored when you see anything created by this "Queen."

The term "Pokemon Queen" is not something Kimmy takes lightly. She wears her crown with pride and makes certain that all those who desire a crown receive a crown. Pinky Pogo is a name associated with generosity and positivity in the Pokemon Community. She is often found giving away multiple items such as Cards, Personalized Gifts, Plush Toys, and other Collectibles.

The Members of The Pokemon Community have become some of Kimmy's Best Friends. Though most are "Virtual," she still feels a great bond. This Community blossomed while The Collectors were experiencing lockdown due to Covid. Despite the different lifestyle changes they each experience; their Friendship and Love for Pokemon holds strong.

Recent "Pinky Endeavors":


The PokeQueen Survival Kit - A hot pink Gift Box loaded with Pokemon Cards, Jewelry, Toys, Candy, Glitter, Makeup, and items collected from Artists & Vendors in the Pokemon Community. Kimmy explains the box by stating "Everything in the box is something that makes me happy! Hopefully it makes them happy too." The Happiness of others is the goal of Pinky Pogo. PokeQueen Survival Kits can be purchased directly from Kimmy for $30.

The Pinky Pack - A Mystery Pack hand picked by Kimmy that will not disappoint. Each pack includes recently released Pokemon Cards, Vintage Pokemon Cards, and Pokemon Playing Cards (ie. vintage poker cards). Several Pinky Packs hold coupons that can be redeemed to Kimmy for items such as Pokemon Stickers, Funko Pop Collectibles, Pokemon Plush Toys, and Glitter Gel Pens. Kimmy designed these packs for her PokeQueen Survival Kits, but has made them available to anyone for only $15. They are also spotted as "Trivia Prizes" in certain captions on her daily Instagram posts.


Pinky Pictures - Although Kimmy holds a degree in Studio Art; she finds joy in the simple act of coloring. The Artist began posting videos and reels to social media showing the step by step completion of coloring Pokemon Coloring Pages with Glitter Gel Pens. Each video displays Kimmy's Artistic Talent; while also observing that "Pinky Pogo Humor." Kimmy has held auctions and sold several of her "Colorings" but prefers gifting them to Fans who admire them. Many of her creations can be found tacked to walls of her bedroom.

The 24 Hour Giveaway - An opportunity to win items such as Pokemon Cards, Pokemon Plush Toys, Funko Pop Figures, and other Pokemon Collectibles in a 24 hour time period. Kimmy posts the Giveaway on her Instagram page and allows anyone to enter for a chance to win the item. She often takes advantage of her Amazon Prime membership to ensure a safe & quick delivery, but also to allow the Winner the ability to pick out their choice of prize. Most often there will not be only one Winner; rather two or three.

2020 - 2021

Pinky Trainer Cards - These Custom Designed Pokemon Trainer Cards show the true Talent of Kimmy Spicer. Each card is designed in the style of a real Trainer Card from Pokemon, but displays a "Cartoon Style" image of Pinky Pogo herself. The Cards are known to represent the humor of Kimmy; as they possess a silly and sexy disposition. Several Pinky Trainer Cards have been created by the Artist and can currently be obtained simply by asking for one. Kimmy has made a small amount of Custom Trainer Cards for friends but does not take commissions. She states "I really hate graphic design and they take way too long to make. I've only made them for two friends who didn't even ask for them! I was bored and pretty much forced the cards on them!"

Pokemon Card Necklaces - A sweet little Charm made from a real Pokemon Card on either a Chain or Cord Necklace. Each Necklace is unique in color and displays a Pokemon similar to how they would appear if put in a Picture Frame. These Necklaces were Kimmy's first "Pokemon Creation" and can be found around the necks of almost every Female Pokemon Collector on Instagram. Several Necklaces were purchased for children as well. These Necklaces can now be obtained by purchasing a PokeQueen Survival Kit.



2003 - 2007

Saint Edward's University| Bachelors Degree in Studio Art




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